Azure bytes of the alphabet, part 23, Azure Webjobs

This is part of a blog about some of the components on the Microsoft Azure platform such as Azure Webjobs, Azure Virtual Desktop, Azure app service, Azure storage, databases, databricks, Event Hubs, Functions, Gateways, Networking, IoT, Linux, containers, Azure Kubernetes Service, compute, security, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Templates, Azure Users and many more. I am using all the letters of alphabet to do this. This is twenty three of twenty-six.

W for Webjobs

Azure Webjobs

Azure webjobs gives Azure web apps the ability to have processes running in the background. There are two ways these background processes can run; one is continuously and the other is triggered. The continuous one starts and keeps running once it’s in a steady state, it’s waiting for a command that is processed through a queue. Triggers can be automated or manual. Webjobs are used for simple tasks that are connected to a web app where as function can be a web app or part of a web app. Webjobs can be continuous or triggered but functions can only be triggered. Webjobs have only two types of triggers whereas functions have multiple types of triggers for example; Queue triggers, HTTP triggers, event hub triggers and service buzz triggers.

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