Azure bytes of the alphabet, part 22, Azure Virtual Desktop

This is part of a blog about some of the components on the Microsoft Azure platform such as Azure Virtual Desktop, Azure app service, Azure storage, databases, databricks, Event Hubs, Functions, Gateways, Networking, IoT, Linux, containers, Azure Kubernetes Service, compute, security, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Templates, Azure Users and many more. I am using all the letters of alphabet to do this. This is twenty two of twenty-six.

V for Virtual Desktop

What is Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop is a great way to give your team or your staff a secure remote Windows desktop experience from Azure portal. This Windows desktop experience gives you the scalability of Azure, you can have multi sessions running at the same time, on any device, IE laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone. Microsoft gives you the option to bring your own Windows 10 licenses which helps the user keeping down the costs. Security is a big factor today so you can be assured that with Microsoft’s built-in security intelligence which is working in the background detecting any threats and taking action to resolve the issue. There are a few different ways this service is called, one is Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), it is also known as Desktop as a Service (DaaS).   

To create a Azure Virtual Desktop login to the Azure Portal and click create a resource and type Azure Virtual Desktop as shown below.

Next step is to create a host pool as shown below

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