Azure bytes of the alphabet, part 24, Azure Xcloud

This is part of a blog about some of the components on the Microsoft Azure platform such as Azure Xcloud, Azure Webjobs, Azure Virtual Desktop, Azure app service, Azure storage, databases, databricks, Event Hubs, Functions, Gateways, Networking, IoT, Linux, containers, Azure Kubernetes Service, compute, security, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Templates, Azure Users and many more. I am using all the letters of alphabet to do this. This is twenty four of twenty-six.

X for Xcloud

What is Azure Xcloud

When I started this blog on Azure A to Z I thought I would get stuck on some topics to fit the letters like X. But what starts with X related to Azure? It’s the Xcloud. And what is the Xcloud? The Xcloud is Microsoft cloud gaming service. This is where users can stream games to a smart phone or a tablet. What you need to start playing these Xbox games from the cloud is an Xbox game pass which you can get from the Google Play Store or the Samsung Galaxy Store. Here is some information you need to know before you get started. Your Android version has to be 6.0 or greater, you need an Xbox wireless controller with Bluetooth or some other compatible controller and your WIFI has to be 5 Ghz or your mobile data connection has a 10mbps download. At the time of writing this blog the Xbox game pass will cost you $10 per month and the ultimate game pass will cost you $15 per month. The other option is to get a 12 months live gold pass for $60 which will save you 50% on what you would pay monthly for a year.  

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