Azure bytes of the alphabet, part 21, Azure users

This is part of a blog about some of the components on the Microsoft Azure platform such as Azure PaaS, Azure app service, Azure storage, databases, databricks, Event Hubs, Functions, Gateways, Networking, IoT, Linux, containers, Azure Kubernetes Service, compute, security, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Templates, Azure Users and many more. I am using all the letters of alphabet to do this. This is twenty one of twenty-six.

U for Azure Users

Azure Users

To create a user in Azure you need to know the different sort of groups this is done in Azure active directory. Each user account is given a set of default permissions, these permissions help to control what access a user has. A good example is an administrator user has the permission to create user accounts and has the permission to delete user accounts. Azure has role base access control (Azure RBAC) it has lots of built-in roles that users can be assigned, here are a few of these owner, reader and contributors or you can create your own custom role and configure your own permissions.

How to create a new user in Azure active directory, first login to the portal and go to Azure active directory and click on user as shown below.

Then click on new user as shown below

Last step, fill out the user name and click on create as shown below

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