Azure bytes of the alphabet, part 20, Azure Templates

This is part of a blog about some of the components on the Microsoft Azure platform PaaS, like app service, Azure storage, databases, databricks, Event Hubs, Functions, Gateways, Networking, IoT, Linux, containers, Azure Kubernetes Service, compute, security, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Templates and many more. I am using all the letters of alphabet to do this. This is twenty of twenty-six.

T for Templates

Azure Resource Manager Templates

Resource Manager request model

Azure Resource Manager Templates or ARM Templates provide a very easy way to create and manage your cloud environments for administrators and developers. With simple JSON files, JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation you can deploy your environment in coordinated way and at great speed.

Azure Resource Manager Templates ARM are accessible in a number of ways listed below,

•Azure PowerShell

• Azure CLI for Linux, Mac & Windows

• Azure Portal


Some of the benefits of Azure Resource Manager Templates

1 Prevent modification and deletion of resources using resources locks

2 Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) restrict access

3 Deploy, manage, and monitor all of the resources

4 Have all the costs for the entire group or for a group of resources

5 Enables to group & manage multiple resources as a single logical group

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